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  • Plastic Hopper Dryer

    1. For the hopper dryer, the adoption of heating barrel made from stainless steel can successfully avoid material contamination and make the clean pretty simple....

  • One Piece Complete Auto Loader

    1. This one piece complete auto loader is equipped with commutator motor of high speed, small cubage and strong suction. 2. Its smart connection between...

  • Water Cooled Chiller

    1. The water cooled chiller is capable of cooling the water whose temperature ranges from 7℃ to 35℃. 2. The cooling temperature can...

  • Plastic Crusher

    Plastic crusher, also known as plastic mill, plays an important auxiliary role for injection molding machine. It is applicable to the pulverizing of all kinds of plastics...

  • Plastic Vertical Color Mixer

    Plastic vertical color mixer is used for uniformly mixing color and helping humidify the dyed plastic materials. During mixing, the blades rotates at high speed...

  • Plastic Dehumidifier

    Plastic dehumidifier is adopted to reduce the level of humidity during the process of plastic injection molding since excessive humidity can interfere in the plastic molding...

  • Mold Temperature Controller

    1. The mold temperature controller is accurately controlled by PID micro computer. 2. Protection against pump overload is provided, contributing a lot to prolonging...

  • Belt Conveyors

    Belt conveyor serves as an important part in transporting materials like plastics based on the working principle of continuous friction. It consists of the following parts...

  • Color Dose Mixer

    1. This color dose mixer is with the function of permanent memory and storage. 2. Brushless DC-motor is applied to make maintenance easier. 3. Micro-computer ...

  • Swing-Arm Robot

    1. Swing-arm robot is available for plastic injection molding machine whose clamping force ranges from 50 T to 200 T. The dedicated plastic injection auxiliary...

Plastic Auxiliary Machines

A plastic injection molding machine is unable to mold a product successfully without the help of various plastic auxiliary machines. These machines include hopper dryer, auto loader, water cooled chiller, crusher, color mixer, dehumidifier, mold temperature controller, belt conveyor, color dose mixer and swing-arm robot. They are all important and each has its own specific function and can not be replaced. These machines work together to improve molding efficiency and enhance product quality.

Classifications of Plastic Auxiliary Machines
1. Plastic Hopper Dryer
It is an open-door type magnetic base, convenient and easy to take out the magnet for cleaning the scrap iron.
2. One Piece Complete Auto Loader
It features free and convenient operation.
3. Water Cooled Chiller
This plastic auxiliary machine can cool the water under temperature ranging from 7℃ to 35℃. The lower cooling temperature can be customized as required.
4. Plastic Crusher
The device is applicable to centralized pulverizing of all kinds of plastics, including the waste of injection molding, blow molding and extrusion forming.
5. Plastic Vertical Color Mixer
It is made of double-layer stainless steel. The machine is vertical and stirs fast and evenly.
6. Plastic Dehumidifier
The plastic auxiliary machine can provide the dry wind with the low dew point of -50℃ and satisfies many requests of plastic production.
7. Mold Temperature Controller
The device is equipped with multi-fault indicator to facilitate the customer knowing the reason and solving in time.
8. Belt Conveyors
Belt conveyor is equipped with baffle plate for preventing the products and materials from dropping.
9. Color Dose Mixer
The plastic auxiliary machine’s base is installed with a stirrer, satisfying the requirements of mixing double materials.
10. Swing-Arm Robot
The parts introduced the complete module production, and matches CNC precision process which make a steady whole body can bear the high speed movement.