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PET Preform Mold

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1. We provide wide range of PET preform molds, from 1-cavity mould for forming wide-jar and gallon-bottle performs, to 72-cavity neck perform molds. The tube blank preforms come into being under the computer control, which contributes to high bottle production.
2. This PET plastic bottle injection mould is designed with internally advanced two-step dual taper locating technology. Each cavity can be independently self-locked.
3. PET preform mold core cavity is made from special mold steel and has undergone preheating treatment in the original factory in Sweden. Moreover, each cavity is capable of Individual temperature control.
4. Lip cavity is made of imported nitrated steel, which is of high hardness and long service life, and meets international standard.
5. The excellent hot runner design not only assures uniform heating, but also improves the quality of plastic products a lot.
6. Each PET preform mold features long service time (more than 3 million times).
7. Labor intensity can be reduced without the cutting of the gate.
8. The mold components are in conformity with the standard and can be inter-changed.

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1. Off-Center Adjustment System
Off-center adjustment system can excellently confine the deviation of preform’s wall thickness to less than 0.05 mm., thus prolonging the service of the mold.

2. Self-lock System
The PET preform mold adopts self-locked structure of international advanced bi-awls with fixed orientation.

3. Cooling System
Water channels in the molds are specially treated to prevent from jam. They greatly cut down the cycle time and

4. Heating System
In the PET preform mold, the double heating system guarantees excellent heating and incredible quality control. The heating band unit features powerful heating capacity and long life span.

5. Hot Runner System
It adopts pin-valve hot runner system which reduces wearing and maintenance cost of molds. Besides, 10% to 15% electric energy is saved.

6. Hydraulic Ejecting System
PET preform mold applies hydraulic ejecting system, which brings advantages such as strong endurance and low noise.

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