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1 set 680 ton injection molding machines delivered to Malaysia

Time: 2018-12-19

Today we loaded one 680Ton plastic injection molding machines into container which will bound for Malaysia.

Due to big sizes, we separated 680Ton injection machines into two parts : clamping units and injection units. Each parts are loaded into 1 20GP container..  

Client also ordered some auxiliary equipment like auto loader, hopper dryer, etc..

The whole process took 2 hours..

Malaysia is one of our main market. We have established our agent there for many years.. Till now , we have hundreds of injection molding machines including servo series, variable pump series, high speed machines, etc.. Our agent there can provide all instant service in Malaysia market.


Injection unit of 680 ton injection molding machines

Clamping units into 20GP

Injection units and auxiliary equipment in one 20GP container